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Tom Marino - "Comet Race" Tile Painting

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Skott Horn - "Open House" Acrylic Painting

Jordy R. Poma - "River" Ceramic Sculpture with Light

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Ceramic Sculpture
21 1/2" H x 13" Diameter.
LED Lights Inside.

Jordy R. Poma

MyCielo: A Fungi Experience

A homage to the Fungi Kingdom, responsible for the decomposition of organic matter in the forest. They build networks, connecting and perpetuating the cycles of life. How can we build better communities, not just for humans but also for animals, plants, and the rest of the beings that live with us.

MyCielo invites you to collaborate, through collaboration we get access to new ideas, resources, and skills.

Open your mind and be the light of this world.

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