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Yellowpop x Keith Haring

Yellowpop x Keith Haring "Dance Love" LED Neon Sign

Yellowpop x Keith Haring "Send Love" LED Neon Sign

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This iconic image is designed by Keith Haring and reimagined into an LED neon through our Yellowpop x Keith Haring collection. Haring challenged the established art world by creating accessible art for all in a variety of mediums. We think this image of sending love being reimagined into LED light would speak to Haring's trail-blazing spirit.

Size: 28 x 20 in (70 x 50 cm)
Colors: Red, White
Designed to shine:
LED neon artwork
Energy-efficient tubing
Full board backing
Shipped in a bespoke premium box

LED neon piece
Extension cable
Installation screw kit
Dimmer switch
Power supply

Easy to hang:
We provide a free screw kit in each box. Hang it easily, by yourself or with the help of a friend.

Plug it in:
Plug your dimmer switch in between the piece and power supply. Then plug the power supply in and watch your wall come to life!

Crafted pieces that last
We make our LED neon pieces by hand with flexible tubing so they stay looking good as new. It means your creativity gets to last a lifetime.

Low energy, low heat
Our LED neon pieces are 80% more efficient than traditional neon and only transform 5% of their energy into heat, so you can turn your piece on whenever you want to.

Free dimmer switch
Match your space to your mood. With a dimmer switch you can vary the brightness of your piece to create the perfect vibe.

Each sign is made of a neon flex material, consisting of PVC or Silicon piping with LED lights, that is mounted on a recycled acrylic board. These materials allow us to create realistic neon signs, with bright lights and intense color, while being more durable, affordable, and sustainable than traditional neon.
We take sustainability seriously, which is why we use:
- LED lights(consuming 6 times less energy than traditional lights)
- recycled materials in our products
- and 100% recycled packaging, including removing all useless plastic.

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