Sivadasan Madhavan -

Sivadasan Madhavan - "Stained Rim Platter" Wood Sculpture

Sivadasan Madhavan - "Stained Platter in Wormy Ash" Wood Sculpture

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"Stained Platter in Wormy Ash"
Wood Sculpture.
9 3/4" Diameter x 1 1/2" Height.

Dr. Sivadasan Madhavan is an Ivy League Graduate Engineer. He retired from AT&T Government Services as an Information Technology Engineer who was on loan to the US Army as a Systems Engineer and Operation Research Analyst most of his career. His avocation has always been wood turning and he is the recipient of many awards and recognitions for his creativity and style. One of the skills he perfected over the years is to create a basket weave illusion design where a single block of wood is turned, grooved, applied pyrography, and meticulously painted to mimic a hand-woven basket. The magic is such that viewers often are unable to distinguish between the two. It is a combination of skill, patience, and long hours of work. He always acknowledges the mentoring of Mr. Harvey Meyers - a master turner from NC, for his success. Dr. Madhavan pursues a quiet retired life in Sylvania, OH, where he loves to spend his spare time with his granddaughter.

After fifty years of experience as an IT systems engineer, I took a class from Harvey Meyer, the basket weave illusion maestro, and have since been practicing wood turning and learning from many other great turners and their techniques. Wood turning is the exciting opportunity to create infinite shapes and forms with dry and green wood, fraught with perils. Even after a quarter of a century of lathe work, I am still learning.

Each basket weave illusion bowl takes about six months to make. The exact pattern must be precisely duplicated on the opposite side. The intense works require enormous amounts of time, mostly coloring the thousands of grids on each piece to depict the design. Lathe work is only 25% of the effort. Burning the cross lines and coloring the tiny squares requires undivided attention.

I experiment with different shapes, woods, orientation, inlays, and medium. The results are ever evolving.

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