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Ian Schmidt - "Birds Nest Series" Glass Sculpture

Chadd Lacy - "Bird Composition" Glass and Steel Sculpture

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"Bird Composition"
Glass and Steel Sculpture.
37" W x 29" H x 24" D.

Chadd Lacy

My work makes use of glass as a material to produce objects of both the applied arts and sculpture. I am an object maker, taking cues from history, nature, and modern design. Often, I start with an artist from history or an art movement and work through adaptation of forms and design theories.

Many of my forms and formal philosophies for my current work come from early modern stone sculpture and the arts and crafts movement. I use natural forms to create objects that play on the space between abstraction and representation. When I employ pattern I make use of historical design ideals.

Initially, the patterns were rectilinear and often referred to art deco and the arts and crafts movement, while later patterns were direct references to Victorian ornament. I use it as a tool for accentuation, adapting the surface of the glass to embellish particular areas of the form. They are dynamic in their simplicity, using pattern to heighten the object rather than define it.

In all, my work is a series of formal studies; each one taking a different form that exists in nature and abstracting it to create an object. My forms are subtle, emphasizing specific characteristics of their original inspiration, while leaving others open to interpretation.


Chadd Lacy was born in 1982 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and received his BFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2004. In addition to working in a variety of studios in the United States, Chadd has been the Studio Technician at Cleveland Institute of Art since 2005. His work has been exhibited internationally and was included in the most recent juried exhibition "Young Glass" at the Glasmuseet in Ebeltoft, Denmark, as well as in several recent American shows and publications.

Selected Exhibitions

2009 Debut and New, Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
2008 Anniversary Show, Braggiotti Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2008 "Romancing the Flame", Flame Run Gallery, Louisville, KY
2007 Solo Exhibition, Making Glass Gallery, Chicago, IL
2007 "Young Glass", Glasmuseet, Ebeltoft, Denmark
2006 "The Cia Show", River Gallery, Rocky River, OH
2006 "Negen", Kunstwerk Exhibition Space, Cleveland, OH
2005 "Cleveland Institute of Art Glass Exhibition", Pavanna Gallery, Cleveland, OH
2005 "Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival", Winter Park, FL
2004 "Student Show", GAS conference, New Orleans, LA


2005 - 2009 Glass Department Technical Assistant, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH
2007 Extended Studies Casting workshop, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH
2008 Extended Studies kiln casting workshop, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH
2006 - 2008 Studio Head and Faculty, Bucks Rock Camp for Visual and Performing Arts, New Milford, CT
2004 Faculty, Hot Soup Public Access Glass Studio, Philadelphia, PA
2003 - 2004 Teaching Assistant for Angus Powers, Dan Cutrone, and Jon Clark, Introduction to Glass, Tyler School of Art, Elkins Park, PA

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