Latinx Art Artists, Markets, and Politics

Latinx Art Artists, Markets, and Politics

Artist Origami -

Artist Origami - "Frida Card-o"

Artist Origami - "Fold-Vador Dali"

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"Did my moustache just move?"
Bring a touch of the surreal to your decor with Fold-Vador Dali. He’ll inspire you to think outside the box. Maybe you’ll swap your cellphone for a crab, or maybe you’ll just feel a little more creative. He folds like a dream, but then again, you never know where a surrealist’s dream will take you.

Our paper model art gifts take about 15 minutes to build. They are perfect for grown-ups and children aged 12+. While Fold-Vador Dali has never been good at following the rules
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