Trudi Cooper - Extra Large Dichroic Glass Pendant Necklace

Trudi Cooper - Extra Large Dichroic Glass Pendant Necklace

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Trudi Cooper - Large Dichroic Glass Pendant Necklace

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Large Dichroic Glass Pendant Necklace. 1.5" Pendant Size. 16" Sterling Silver Chain.
*Please Note: Each item is handcrafted so coloration will vary. **Please Note: Diamond Shaped Pendants are currently Out-of-Stock.

Sea of Glass Studio - Eric & Trudi Cooper

The Science…

Originally developed by NASA to reflect ultra-violet radiation from the astronauts' visors, dichroic glass is an optical filter. A complex structure composted of many layers of rare metals, the dichroic surface creates an interference with the light that hits it. Some colors pass through while others are reflected.

The Art….

Dichroic glass is only our starting point. In creating our jewelry, we merge a wild collage of colored glass, fired multiple times at temperatures exceeding 1700° f. Each handcrafted piece is shaped with careful attention to the abstract image held in its many layers, resulting in a one -of-kind composition of intentional beauty.

Our goal is to create a harmony of depth, texture, and color. We make our aesthetic decisions from the heart, and truly believe beauty should be within everyone's reach.

It is a great joy to see how well our jewelry harmonizes with those who wear it.

All sales on original artwork are final, no discounts apply.

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