Mike Wallace - Glass Snowman with Top Hat

Mike Wallace - Glass Snowman with Top Hat

Thomas Steinman - Optical Glass Ornament

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Thomas L. Steinman - Toledo Native

Contemporary blown glass designed and created since 1976. With experience and time as patient teachers the artist creates unique items for unique environments.

Thomas Steinman is a Toledo native who has been creating his contemporary blown glass since 1976. Tom started blowing glass at the Toledo Museum of Art and has since moved to Denver, Colorado where he currently lives and creates his works of art. Through the years, he has used personal growth and experimentation to change and form his designs. All his work is free blown glass using a variety of glass colors and rare metals to create his artwork. Tom’s love of glass is evident in his delicate creations. Always in search of a new idea to keep boredom at bay, Tom’s work is constantly evolving.

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