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Shawn Messenger - "Forget-Me-Nots" Glass Egg Paperweight

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"Forget-Me-Nots" Glass Egg Paperweight.
Approximately 4.75"H x 3"D.

The Forget-Me-Not flower represents a sign of faithfulness and enduring love. This egg paperweight is made with murrini flowers sometimes referred to as millefiore created by the artist. The blue flowers, green leaves, and stems wrap around the middle of the piece. The flowers float on a layer of glistening dichroic glass. Transparent green, opaque light green glass and small bubbles are swirled together in the background to create the illusion of movement within the paperweight. The entire piece is encased in clear glass. Each piece is unique and the size may vary slightly.

Shawn Messenger - Toledo Artist

Shawn describes her work as Impressionistic; inspired by flowers, gardens and landscapes and washed with splashes of vibrant color on a 3-dimensional canvas of glass. Each piece is individually designed and hand-blown, using colored glass powders and chips to produce a painterly effect. Transparent veils of color, seemingly frozen in motion, float through her paperweights, while bowls and plates of undulating glass echo the graceful simplicity of forms in nature. Her pieces are alive with fluidity of motion; each expertly crafted and produced, to achieve a unique expression of the artist herself.

Shawn E. Messenger holds a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art, and has furthered her study in glass at The Pilchuck Glass Center and the Toledo Museum of Art. Since 1979, Shawn has exhibited her award-winning pieces at national shows and competitions, including those held at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Toledo Museum of Art. Her work can be found in private collections throughout the United States, Japan, France and Germany.

Shawn lives with her family in Toledo, Ohio, where she maintains a studio, creating pieces of fine art glass, which are sold in galleries and shops across the country.

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