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Sarah Vandersall - "Rain Forest River" Ceramic Gem Bowl

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"Rain Forest River"
Ceramic Gem Bowl.
Gemstone: Red Tiger Eye.

Vandersall Gem Bowls

Care of Bowls
Rinse or Wash Lovingly in Warm Soapy Water

Care of Gems
Cleanse in Cool Water, Dry Well
Charge in Moon Light if Desired

For Meditation or Personal Honoring
Lift slowly towards lips and sip tea slowly

Over time the glaze may change,
Depending on what you drink out of them.
This is normal and adds charm (Wabi Sabi).

Deepen your Ceremony,
Sarah Vandersall

Sarah Vandersall

Born in Northwest Ohio, Sarah Vandersall has been around clay all of her life, beginning with baking clay pots on the roofs of cars. She finds that holding onto one of the oldest living things helps her too manifest her most connected magical formations. Sarah's career has taken her all over the world collecting and translating experiences into observable formations. Vandersall has lived, shown, spoken about, and collaborated in New York, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Guangdong China, Accra Ghana, and Hawaii.

She traverses the ideas and facets in which we can, at the same time exist, and be spiritually one with our environments. Accessing our relationship to the elements through our existential worlds. She views humanity with all its twists and turns, wormholes, and ever-changing dynamics, as a place of invention. As we journey through life we transform, multiple times, and are rarely the same twice. Sarah has embraced this cycle of transformation and brings it into her practice of reimagining our avenues of perception.

Her current gemstone pieces encompass the ideas and practice of meditation. A bringing together and connecting with the ways that we can, and are spiritually coexisting with nature, and each other. At once grounding and affirming, Vandersall Gemstone Vessels are for: sipping in celebration or ceremony; for marking bodily or spiritual healing; for toasting alone or with loved ones to mark an occasion; also, for meditating and vibrational connecting. These pieces are symbols of celebration, and harmonious energy. They allow a place for spiritual healing and transformation into our own lives, as we balance and heal them.


2019 Death Doula Certification, Los Angeles CA
2016 Shamanic and Kundalini Yoga Studies, Los Angeles CA
2005 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth - Ceramics, Dartmouth, MA
2004 New York State College of Ceramics Alfred University, Alfred, NY
2002 Studied Dance n Music w/ Master Xylophonist Bernard Woma, Degara Music Center, Medie Ghana
2001 University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa MA, MFA Candidate
2000 BFA Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
2000 Dance and Music Study in conjunction with Habib Iddrisu, Tamale Ghana

Solo Exhibitions

2015 Bring Back that Braid and Kill Your Own Snake: Customized Burial Rituals and Afterlife, Plans Los Angeles, CA
2011 Soup Kits for Far Travel, Gallery 409, Kansas City, MO
2008 Our Patagonia, Dowsing for Water. Gallery 6 YWCA, Kansas City, KS

Selected Group Exhibitions

2013 Winter Invitational, The Telephone Booth Gallery, Kansas City, MO
2012 Flat File Exhibition, H&R Block Art Space, Kansas City, MO
2010 Winter Invitational, The Telephone Booth Gallery, Kansas City, MO
2010 Flat File Exhibition, H&R Block Art Space, Kansas City, MO
2009 Happy Tree Friends, (Part 11), Urban Culture Project, Paragraph Gallery, Kansas City, MO
2008 Painterly La La, Group Exhibition, Urban Culture Project Paragraph Gallery, Kansas City, MO
2008 Flat File Exhibition, H&R Block Art Space, Kansas City, MO
2007 International Ceramic Invitation Exhibition, Shiwan Ceramics Museum Foshan, China.
2006 Aesthete, Reframing the Forlorn, Jessie Fisher and Sarah Vandersall, Paragraph Gallery, Kansas City, MO
2005 Testimonies of Freedom, Traveling Show, Toledo, OH
2005 MFA Thesis Exhibition, The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, The University Art Gallery, New Bedford, MA
2005 The Exquisite Corpse, Gallery 244, New Bedford, MA
2004 Interventions of space, Taber Academy, Marion, MA
2004 I'm waiting for My Mother to send my Flute but she's in a Puddle on the Floor, Performance. AHA Night, New Bedford, MA

Public and Private Collections

2007 Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum, Guangdong, China
2005 The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Karen Dorty Memorial Collection, New Bedford, MA

Awards Scholarships and Residencies

2008 Scholarship for a six week Professional Class, Artist INC, Kansas City, MO
2007 500 Year Celebration Nanfung Kiln International WoodFiring Creation Camp, Foshan, China
2007 Charlotte Street Foundation Studio Residency Award, Kansas City, MO
2007 Kansas City Art Institute, Visiting Artist Studio Award, Kansas City, MO
2007 Teaching Assistantship, Teacher of Record, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, New Bedford, MA
2004 Judy Phaff Workshop,Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, New Castle, ME
2002 Summer Study Scholarship, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, New Bedford, MA

Curatorial Projects and Happenings

2020 Developed a Series Wellness Classes for Mental Health Clients, The Connection Center, Bowling Green, OH
2017 Garden Hours: A Series of Events focusing on Native Plants, Tea Ceremonies, Dance and Movement. Healing through Nature.
2017 Assistant Support Organization Echo Park Craft Fair, Echo Park, CA
2014 - 2016 Assistant in Curating Artists, Los Angeles County Store, Selected Visiting Artists Lectures
2010 Curated Fashions for Warming Hours: A Series of Happenings, Tarot Readings, Healing Baths. Grand Arts, Kansas City, MO
2008 Organized Movement: Modules on the Prairie: A Series of in-Home Wellness classes, Kansas City, MO
2007 Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Honolulu, HI
2006 Artist Lecture Series, Kemper Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO
2005 Inconstancies of Space, Exhibition Lecture, Taber Academy, Marion, MA


2014 May 4th, "Los Angeles County Store keeps it local with artisan made goods" Los Angeles Times
2007 July, The Second China Foshan International Wood Firing Conference Essays of the Exhibition
2006 November, "Aesthete Reframing the Forlorn" Jessie Fisher and Sarah Vandersall, Review Magazine

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