Richard Malogorski - "Bridal Veil Falls Near Tellu

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Bridal Veil Falls Near Telluride, Colorado (2003) 6/50 26" x 30" (framed)

Richard Malogorski - Ohio Artist

"I have the desire to photograph. I go out with my camera. I come across something that excites me emotionally, spiritually, aesthetically. I see the photograph in my minds eye and I compose and expose the negative. I give you the print as the equivalent of what I saw and felt." - Alfred Stieglitz

My Techniques

The panoramic images presented here were made using a No. 8 Cirkut camera. Cirkut cameras are large format cameras, which expose a roll of film as the entire instrument rotates upon a geared platform. These cameras were made from the year 1904 through 1941. All Cirkut prints are contact prints. The non-panoramic prints were created using an 8"x10" view camera. It is inherent in the design of this instrument that great foresight must be given to the subject before an exposure can be made. In addition, the 8"x10" film size makes possible print quality of a very high level. Each camera requires a fundamentally different approach to composition. With the 8"x10" I work within the traditional rectangular format, organizing shapes and values into a cohesive visual expression. The Cirkut camera requires that I compose in a linear mode, organizing upon a long flowing line. In addition, I must consider the rotational aspect of the instrument and visualize a two-dimensional expression of a scene of many dimensions. Height, width, and depth are obvious, but the motion of the camera creates a new dimension that is realized only when I lift the developed negative from the fixer, to see for the first time a new world revealed through the simple act of rotation.

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