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Anna Boothe - "Heart in Hand" Glass Sculpture

TMA Limited Edition "Good Cheer" Ornament 2023

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TMA Limited Edition "Good Cheer" Ornament 2023.
Approximately 4" H x 2.25" D.
Shape and color will vary between each ornament.

Good Cheer is inspired by an ancient Egyptian musical instrument comprised of two wooden arms in TMA’s collection. The noise created by these clappers was believed to drive away harmful spirits in the present (and next) life of the owner.

In its cast-glass rendition, this year’s ornament speaks to the notion of community, using a joining of hands to signify acceptance through comradery and the expression of gratitude.

A sculptor who has worked with glass for more than 40 years, Anna Boothe casts her objects from small particles of lead crystal. She hand-carves her forms in wax and then transforms them into glass using the kiln-casting process known as pâte de verre, a technique that has roots in antiquity.

Boothe has lectured and exhibited internationally, and her work is represented in the permanent collections of many museums.

Image of two Ancient Egyptian wooden arms with hands laying flat on a grey surface
Egyptian, Pair of Hand Wands, about 1479-1298 BCE, wood with inlaid wood decoration, Left: L: 11 3/4 in. Right: L: 11 15/16 in., Toledo Museum of Art (Toledo, Ohio), Gift of Edward Drummond Libbey, 1925.145A-B

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