PANTONE Ruler Orange 021 C

PANTONE Ruler Orange 021 C

Image 1 of the packaging for Blackwing Volume 20, a set of 12 pencils designed to celebrate tabletop games and the cherished moments they can create.

Blackwing Volume 20 (Set of 12 Pencils)

PANTONE Ruler Black 419

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Introducing the Black 419 Pantone Ruler, a sleek and practical tool that combines timeless design with precision measurement. Crafted with attention to detail, it features clear, easy-to-read markings in contrasting white, ensuring accurate measurements with every use. Its sturdy construction and standard 12-inch length make it a versatile companion for a variety of projects, whether it's drafting, drawing, or simple everyday tasks. With the Black 419 Pantone Ruler, you have a reliable and stylish tool that effortlessly blends form and function, making it an essential addition to any creative or professional workspace.

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