Music from The Invisible Hand by Heavy Color CD

Music from The Invisible Hand by Heavy Color CD

Jazz Score CD

Jazz Score CD

Orchid Blues CD

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Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Paul Whiteman, Tommy Dorsey and Sidney Bechet are just some of the outstanding performers featured on this unique collection of blues-tinged vintage jazz recordings. These classic tunes never go out of style. Produced specially for The New York Botanical Garden, this handsomely packaged CD is sure to keep your feet a tappin'.

Running Time: 53:10

Music Genre: Vintage Jazz

1. Tommy Dorsey
Royal Garden Blues (2:53)

2. Duke Ellington
Limehouse Blues (3:11)

3. Benny Goodman
Farewell Blues (2:58)

4. Jack Teagarden
Beale Street Blues (3:00)

5. Paul Whiteman
Wang-Wang Blues (3:26)

6. Muggsy Spanier
Hesitating Blues (3:10)

7. Willie "The Lion" Smith
Jazz Me Blues (3:26)

8. Sidney Bechet
2:19 Blues (2:52)

9. Kid Ory
Cannon Ball Blues (3:18)

10. Tommy Dorsey
Weary Blues (3:18)

11. James P. Johnson
Chicago Blues (2:43)

12. Fletcher Henderson
Memphis Blues (2:43)

13. Muggsy Spanier
Dallas Blues (3:19)

14. Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli
St. Louis Blues (3:26)

15. Bunny Berigan
Jelly Roll Blues (3:27)

16. Benny Goodman
Yellow Dog Blues (2:39)

17. Dan Rosengard
Orchid Blues (3:39)

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