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1925 Watch

1925 Watch

Nazar Battu Watch

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Nazar Battu masks are often placed at the entrances of homes in India to ward off the evil eye. Artist Jag Nagra helps you keep those same negative energies at bay with her new watch.

The circular cut-out reveals the hours as the mask completes two full rotations per day and the scorpion functions as the minute hand, aligning with its home on the tongue once per hour. At 3:00pm, a lightning bolt is revealed to give you an extra jolt of energy right when you need it in your afternoon and at 8:00, a crescent moon is revealed to transition from morning to mid-morning or to begin winding down from evening to night.

Diameter: 40mm (1.57")
Height: 8.85mm (0.32")
Material: IP Stainless Steel
Movement: Japanese Quartz
Water-resistant: up to 5 ATM
Band Color: Green
Band Material: Silicone
Band Size: 20mm

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