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Mr. Atomic - Michael Kersey -

Mr. Atomic - Michael Kersey - "Otherworldly" Acrylic Painting

Mr. Atomic - Michael Kersey - "Ivy House" Acrylic Painting

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"Ivy House"
Acrylic on Canvas.
3' W x 4' H.

Michael Kersey (Mr. Atomic) - Toledo Artist

The Fantastic Origin of MR. ATOMIC

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was OUR TIME! Michael and Mark's page in history. Our chapter to create an alternative art form to challenge (and shred by comparison) even the sinister DaDa movement of the '30s. (Pretty exciting stuff, huh?!)

After having packed a handsome picnic basket of sweet potato bread, pickled quail eggs, and a 1.5 liter of White Grenache '82, Mark and I headed out to Three Mile Island for a mid-week holiday. No sooner had we begun an intensive game of Lawn Darts than an afternoon squall of Acid Rain kicked up. Drenched to the proverbial gills, we booked on home for some dry time.

Later that evening, bathed in the green glow of our own selves, the metamorphosis of MR. ATOMIC occurred. With a vision firmly entrenched in every charged molecule, the notorious Kersey Klones began their mission!

The rest is hearsay. Charmingly, we force feed our Atomic Art cutouts onto any in the way. Galleries, art festivals, and competitions … even our own mother, as no one is exempt! World, watch out! For MR. ATOMIC cometh … and who dares stand in the path?!


Identical twins, Mark and Michael Kersey, both attended Roy C. Start High from1966 thru 1970. Having been raised on comic books, Saturday cartoons, and sci-fi movies, the twins developed a love of art and sense of humor at an early age. Pursuing their interest, Mark and Mike attended various art classes at the Toledo Museum of Art and private instruction from the likes of Walter Chapman and Diane Attie between 1962 and 1967. Following their graduation from Start in 1970, the Kersey's moved to the 'big apple' in pursuit of careers, working with the Beatles 'Apple Records' (yea, we'd see the fab four from time to time) and various book publishers etc. Bouncing back to Toledo in the mid-seventies, they worked with area businesses such as Thomas Hart Associates' and Libbey Glass, before venturing out to become their own bosses (both here and Dallas TX).

Since 1992, they have worked in fine art, painting a reputation under the pseudonym MR. ATOMIC. (Oops, did we forget to include that they attended the University of Toledo studying business and investments?)

Like an atomic blast, their art is felt both near and far, in collections that glow with their creativity, whimsy, and clever compositions.

The boys of atomic-stuffed particles, Michael and Mark Kersey.

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