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Moon Bath: Bathing Rituals And Recipes For Relaxation And Vitality

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Moon Bath Book
Bathing Rituals And Recipes For Relaxation And Vitality

This book includes...

Bath recipes featuring ginger and baking soda for detoxification, cacao and rose to cultivate love, eucalyptus and bentonite clay to release negativity, and chamomile and lavender to connect to deep wisdom.

Affirmations, meditations and self care practices

Journal prompts promote reflection and self-discovery

Lush, nature-inspired photography and art by Real Fun, Wow!

This visually-driven book is perfect for those who love self-care and are interested in Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga - it makes a great gift!

Moon Bath is a luxurious guide that invites you to immerse yourself in the healing powers of nature.
This beautiful guide features 16 bathing rituals, aligned with the lunar cycles and the seasons, that inspire you to integrate calming and enriching self-care practices into everyday life.
Brimming with Ayurvedic wisdom and plant-based medicine, Moon Bath is a lovely companion for modern mystics, wellness enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to wash away the stresses of daily life.
Whether you enjoy a bath every day, or consider it an occasional luxury, we hope to inspire you to carve out time in your life for you - because who couldn't use a little more of that?

This book invites you on a journey through sixteen affirmations, each of which guides a unique seasonal bathing ritual. Think of it like a cookbook - every ritual includes a bath recipe that utilizes botanicals, salts, essential oils, and other thoughtful ingredients that are aligned with the unique intention.
We've organized the book into four sections: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon, and each section has four baths, one for each season. The rituals within each section are designed to help you tune into the energy of the current moon phase and season.
Included with the bath recipes you will find journal prompts, ritual supplies, and complementary self-care practices such as breathing exercises, movement, and meditations.

The rituals and recipes in this book are designed to balance our bodies with the physical and energetic qualities of the four phases of the moon during each of the Earth's seasons.
Journal prompts will encourage you to explore the effect of the moon's energy during every season of the year and each self-care practice will align you with the affirmation offered for each bath.
With each bath ritual, you dive more deeply into what makes you you, as you cultivate clarity, vitality, and balance for your whole being.

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