Mervin Hall -

Mervin Hall - "Byzantine" Necklace

Mervin Hall -

Mervin Hall - "Loop Chain with Spiral Pendant" Necklace

Mervin Hall - "Beadchain with Agate" Necklace

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"Beadchain with Agate" Sterling Silver Chain-link Necklace
25" Chain Length.
Handmade by Local Artist.

Mervin Hall

The pieces represented here are a return to research and study undertaken in the 1970's in Great Britain. At both the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Ashmolean in Oxford, exhaustive research was conducted into the techniques of the Celtic metalworkers of the 10th to 14th centuries. This included analyzing the alloys used as well as the numerous linkage styles utilized in chain maille construction both for armor and decorative purposes. The rediscovery and analysis of Viking Knitting, another metalworking process of the period, has also been integrated into the production of these objects that combine period patterns with contemporary material and stylistic motifs. All objects are solid sterling and/or fine (pure) silver unless otherwise specified.

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