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Bandhu Dunham - "Tree Topper" Glass Sculpture

Matthew Richards - Decorated Glass Trees

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Trees are roughly 8 ½” x 5”

Matthew Richards - Toledo Artist

“My work is guided by Nature; from the striations that are found in Rock to the colors that are found in a floral garden. I look to combine these elements to create a sense of movement in a solid form that draws your eyes in to examine the piece in more detail..” My journey with Glass started in 2005, it was a gift by my Loving Wife. What may have started out as an experiment, soon turned into a passion. I joined several different glass blowing teams in the Toledo Ohio area, including the Master Glass Instructors team at the Toledo Art Museum. In my 12 years of working with Glass I have been blessed to work with some very wonderful glass artist that have challenged and encouraged me to “think outside the box” by experimenting with different techniques and color applications. These efforts have helped me achieve a sense of movement and depth in my pieces and help define my artistic style. “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up” (Pablo Picasso). I have been blessed to rediscover that Child that is in me.

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