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Matt Paskiet - "Fireapple" Glass Vessel

Matt Paskiet -

Matt Paskiet - "Serene Marine" Glass Vessel

Matt Paskiet - "Dervish Fireapple" Glass Bowl

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Blown Glass Bowl.
Approximately 12 1/4" W x 7 1/2" H x W 10 1/2" D.

The Legend of the Fireapple
Rebirth - Respect - Protection

Legend tells that when indigenous peoples celebrated important events such as a birth, marriage, hunt, or change of seasons, they would build a great bonfire in the oak savannah. The fire, fueled by the oak trees, would be so powerful and enduring, that the unique condition would melt the sand and oak ash embers around it into an ancient form of glass. After cooling, the glass would be collected and given as a sign of rebirth, respect, peace, harmony, and protection. Matt makes the fireapple today to keep that tradition alive, just as indigenous peoples have for thousands of years. May they watch over you at important times of your life and everyday in your home and your heart.

Matthew J. Paskiet - Toledo Artist

Matt Paskiet, a native of Toledo, studied glass arts at the Pilchuck School in Washington State under the instruction of glass master Dino Rosin of Murano, Italy. After finishing at Pilchuck, he worked and studied glass at "The Boathouse" under world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly. Matt has also studied under the respected glass artist Renee Culler at the Centre de Vidre de Barcelona in Spain.

Matt's Glass reflects his unique vision and passion in the way he uses a variety of age-old and off-hand forming methods. The results are works of great depth, optical fascination and beauty. His works have been displayed in a number of national and international exhibitions, shows, and galleries. In 2004 Matt was awarded the Toledo Glass Guild's Dominick Labino Award.

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