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Lori Nix - "Majestic" and "Aquarium" Magnet Set

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This magnet set contains two 2" x 3" magnets: Lori Nix Majestic from The City series. Chromogenic print, 2006 and Aquarium from The City series. Chromogenic print, 2007. Both images courtesy of the artist © Lori Nix.

In Small Worlds, five contemporary artists explore space and perspective via paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photographs.

Lori Nix builds intricate dioramas, then photographs each set-up and presents large prints as the finished works of art. Her work often depicts "after The End," when the characters have left the stage and only the set remains to tell the story. For her series The City, Nix renders in miniature the familiar haunts of the urban environment. The humans have disappeared - apparently suddenly - and the spaces they inhabited are slowly being reclaimed by nature.

Nix was born in rural western Kansas, and area known for natural disasters. These "seasonal disruptions" have informed her dark sense of humor and interest in depicting scenes fraught with hinted-at devastation. She attended Truman State University in Missouri and Ohio University, and currently resides in New York City.
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