Limited Edition Alexander Calder

Limited Edition Alexander Calder "Stegosaurus" Pin

Penk & Goriborg Piperoid

Penk & Goriborg Piperoid

Lift & Pinch Piperoid

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PIPEROID is a paper craft robot designed and produced in Japan. The robot is made out of just paper pipes with pre-drilled holes and marks to cut, fold, and connect the pipes without the need of glue or tape. All you need is a pair of scissors, and with minimal assembly you can bring your own PIPEROID to life!


Lift is a powerful straight shooter, full of confidence and the belief in himself as always being the champion. Pinch, on the other hand, is quick and full of techniques, always using his sharp mind to put together strategies.

Being good rivals, they have on though in common: "Winning sure tastes sweet!" As summer approaches, they are itching to compete in their next battle.
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