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Lexon x Keith Haring - Love Gift Set - White

Lexon x Keith Haring - Love Gift Set - White

Lexon x Keith Haring - Love Gift Set - Black

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Lexon x Keith Haring - Love Gift Set - Black

Experience the captivating essence of Haring's masterpiece with this exclusive Lexon x Haring Gift Set. This set features unique packaging inspired by the iconic artist, carefully crafted by Lexon's design team. Including all four Lexon items available inspired by the vibrant artwork, this gift set creates a unique fusion of art and functionality, inspiring and engaging art enthusiasts in a way that goes beyond the traditional realm of product design.

© Keith Haring Foundation. Licensed by Artestar, New York.

This collage features some of Haring's most renowned symbols, evoking a spirit of interconnectedness, compassion, and unity. The Heart, symbolizing optimism and love, is dispersed amidst a lively assembly of dancing figures, with the Radiant Baby taking center stage. Through the artistry of Haring, a remarkable equilibrium is achieved, blending elements of joy, liberation, and vitality with the essence of youthful innocence, purity, and benevolence.

Mino+ Speaker
- Mini Bluetooth® speaker
- Pairable with TWS technology
- Hands-free microphone
- Selfie remote
- Bluetooth® 4.2
- Bluetooth® distance: 10 m
- Battery life: up to 3h
- Charging time: 1h
- Rechargeable via USB-C port (cable included) or wirelessly

Mina M LED Lamp
- Medium portable LED lamp
- 9 LED colors
- Push activation light
- Dimmer
- IPX4 water resistant
- Battery life: up to 24h (tested at 75% brightness, 22°C ambient indoor temperature)
- Rechargeable via USB-C (cable included) or wirelessly

Flip+ Alarm Clock
- Reversible alarm clock
- Radio-controlled
- ON/OFF faces
- LCD display
- Snooze
- Touch sensor light
- Power supply: 2 AAA batteries (included)

Tykho 3 FM Radio & Speaker
- FM Radio & Bluetooth® speaker
- Frequency range: FM 88-108MHz
- Splash-proof
- Bluetooth® range: 10m
- Battery life: 20 h
- Charging time: 4 h
- Rechargeable via USB-C (cable included)
- Material: Silicone rubber case


Since 1991, Lexon has established a unique relationship with creativity. In nineteen years of development, Lexon has remained true to its commitment to design: without compromise. Electronics, luggage, travel accessories, office or leisure: this bias is not measured in numbers. Its dimension is sensitivity. Above all, it is a matter of making the object exist for the joy and the use of its recipient. The intimacy that Lexon has with its achievements is also the one that Lexon projects on you: friends objects for friends. The diversity of technologies and materials, signatures and inspirations, is that of large families: seniors and young designers are found. This wonderful alchemy of the generation time gives us what we dream. The fifty-five countries where the brand is present and the museums of modern art from around the world come every year to confirm our intuitions.

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