Matthew Richards - Decorated Glass Trees

Matthew Richards - Decorated Glass Trees

Laurie Thal - Tall Glass Perfume Bottle

Laurie Thal - Tall Glass Perfume Bottle

Kelly Shehan - "Aurora Vase"

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"Aurora Vase"
Hand Blown Glass Vase.
Etched and painted with metallic and gold lusters.
Approximately 10 inches tall.

Kelly Sheehan - Toledo Artist

Painting touches my heart. Glass touches my soul. Color, paint, and glass make me complete. Creating glass art fulfills a powerful inner desire allowing me to share its results with you.

Graduating from Bowling Green State University with a degree in Art Education, she spent a number of years in elementary education as an art instructor. She has studied at the Pilchuck School of Glass, the Toledo Museum of Art, the Pittsburgh Glass Center, Seattle Glassblowing Studio, and the Corning Museum of Glass. Kelly continues to create glass art at the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion and at her studio. She is also on the teaching staff at the Glass Pavilion, and is the hot shop narrator for visiting glass artists. Kelly has been a docent at the museum since 1998 and is serving as the Docent Board President for 2010 – 2011. She and her husband Tom have three sons and reside in Springfield Township.

Vitreous Enamel Painted Glass

Vitreous enamel painted glass is an old world custom used extensively in Europe for centuries. The process involves using “glass paint” (vitreous enamels) to decorate a piece of glass.

The Process

1. After designing the piece I want, I blow the glass into its initial form. The piece blown is normally clear, but sometimes it can be colored.
2. After the glass is annealed and cooled, I take it to my studio to begin painting.
3. The “paint” is actually powdered glass. After selecting the colors, the powders are liquefied with an agent so that they may be brushed onto the glass. The outside or the inside of the glass may be painted depending on the finished product desired.
4. The paint is applied with a variety of modified brushes to reach inside the glass. Reversed painted glass is painted inside and is done “backwards”, that is the final surface is painted first and then the successive background layers are added.
5. The enamel paint then dries and is like a fine powder. At this time it is critical not to disturb the surface.
6. With the enamel paint in place, the piece is placed inside a kiln and brought up to over 1000 degrees. This temperature is hot enough to melt the enamel and cool enough not to disturb the glass. The kiln firing cycle lasts approximately 14 hours. The vitreous enamels fuse with the original form and become “one” with the glass.
7. After the piece is sufficiently cooled, additional layers of enamel paint are added to bring forth the desired coloration. After each painting the piece goes through the same kiln firing described above.
8. These steps are repeated three to seven times for each piece of glass. Each firing subjects the glass to stress, which can sometimes result in the loss of the piece. This can happen after the first painting or the last. The failure rate can be high, but despite the disappointment when this does happen, the successful pieces create results worth this risk.

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