Jordy R. Poma -

Jordy R. Poma - "Victoria" Ceramic Sculpture

Jordy R. Poma -

Jordy R. Poma - "Aurolinda" Ceramic Sculpture

Jordy R. Poma - "Adelaida" Ceramic Sculpture

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Stoneware Ceramic Sculpture.
19" H x 16" W x 39" D.

Jordy R. Poma

Las Curiosas

Las Curiosas is a series of sculptures inspired by women from Mishquiyacu, Peru. Curanderas or curiosas are healers and midwives who provide alternative medicine in small communities that do not have access to hospitals or doctors. They heal by using plants, the energy that surrounds a person, and knowledge that was passed on to them by their ancestors.

Growing up among these women, I witnessed their unwavering resolve, their bond with nature, and their intuitive understanding of the power of plants, the elements, and the moon.

Mishquiyacu continues growing, and younger generations are not interested in learning the ways of the Indigenous people. I had to come to another country to value and appreciate the importance of embracing my roots and learning where I came from, and more importantly, to cultivate my connection to Mother Nature, myself, and others. These women are special. There are only a few in the Mishquiyacu Valley who continue placing importance on sacred spaces and ancestral land. In order to create this exhibition, I interviewed the women who are still alive and interviewed relatives of the ones who have passed. I thank them for their openness to share their lives with me and you.

I encapsulate their stories, their resilience, and the profound wisdom they carry in these writings and sculptures.

Las Curiosas invites you to connect with Mother Nature and to respect Indigenous cultures and other ways of living.

Organized by the Toledo Museum of Art as part of the Robert C. and Susan Savage Community Gallery which operates as a catalyst of creativity, mentorship and opportunity while fostering mutually enriching relationships with local, regional, and national artists with an emphasis on community engagement.

All sales on original artwork are final. No discounts apply.

The exhibition ends on January 28th, 2024. Purchases may be picked up after this date. Please contact Calvin Fought, at 419-255-8000 ext. 7326 to schedule an appointment.

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