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John Austin Kinnee - "Heart Ache" Mixed Media

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"Heart Ache"
Mixed Media.
23.75" W x 31.25" H x 2.5" D.

John Austin Kinnee - Toledo Area Artist

Every object has another life hidden by its original purpose. I see this concealed entity within and create a new life unrelated to its first aspiration.

A nail, a screw, a wrench become a piece of art, a pun, a unique interpretation of humor or love.

The leather jacket from a thrift store, cut into pieces, becomes the canvas for a new project. The discarded wood from an old barn becomes the frame to encase a new creation.

Hearts are one of my favorite designs. Nails and screws and shell casings fashioned into heart shapes show us how easily we can hurt what we love the most. Hammering sharp objects into a beautiful landscape or a treasured, iconic symbol demonstrates how quickly perfection can be marred by our careless or deliberate actions.

I like to take something that you wouldn't think was beautiful and make it into art. Something hard like nails, can become a soft, puffy cloud. This juxtaposition of materials and objects fascinates me and I hope you can catch a glimpse of the secret in the new creation.

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