Handcrafted Wooden Wolf

Handcrafted Wooden Wolf

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Handcrafted Wooden Sloth

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These adorable handmade wooden animals are perfect for gentle play or as decoration to your home.

Polepole (poh-leh poh-leh) meaning slowly, slowly in Swahili describes how these little guys are created. Each animal is hand carved from a soft light wood and then hand-painted with the sweetest expressions and patterns. Due to their handcrafted nature, each polepole animal is slightly different. Created by Japanese brand T-lab

Features of T-Lab Pole Pole Wooden Animal:

- Made from the fast-growing white Albizia wood

- T-Lab takes care to replant the wood used on their farmland in Indonesia

- Each animal is carved, sanded and then painted all by hand

Not suitable for under 3 years old

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