Lavender Block Plateau

Lavender Block Plateau

Stained Glass Plateau

Stained Glass Plateau

Half Moon Plateau

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Half Moon Plateau

A neutral addition to our signature plateau collection. Handcrafted with time-honored weaving technique passed down from generations of artisans.

Made in Rwanda with a one-of-a-kind handwoven design.

12" W x 3" H

Hand dyed in natural and black.

Made from strands of sisal wrapped around bunches of sweetgrass.

Includes a loop on the back for hanging.

Made from locally sourced fibers.

The ideal housewarming gift and the perfect shape and size to be used as a fruit basket, hung in a cluster on a gallery wall, or simply placed as an accent piece in your favorite nook around the house or office.

Due to the handmade quality, some size and color variation may occur.

Care Instructions: Spot clean, bright colors will fade in direct sunlight.

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