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Beverly Fishman X TMA - "Night Kandyland" Pocket Mirror

Georgia O'Keeffe Felt Ornament

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Felt Figure ornament. Approximately 4-5 inches.

Silk Road Bazaar products are made by women-led, women- run cooperative called Kork. Kork operates in mountainous villages across Kyrgyzstan.

Kork is not just a place of work but a center from sharing and exchange amongst women. During peak season more than one hundred women come together to make their products. They are a fair trade certified organization which means every purchase supports our artist fairly while empowering them economically and socially.

Silk Road Bazaar started in 2012 when the founder, Andrew Kuschner was serving in the Peace Corps and connected with Gulnara, the founder of Kork.

Many of the artisans provide the primary source of income for their families. They develop their skills through in house training and workshops. The artisans earn around 5x the average wage of people in Kyrgyzstan. They work with artisans in mountain communities and in these communities they are highly respected. They are filled with pride and purpose and are elevating the status of women in Kyrgyzstan.
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