De Stijl Birdhouse

De Stijl Birdhouse

Mary Jane Erard -

Mary Jane Erard - "Shadow & Wildflowers" Acrylic and Oil Pastel Painting

Functional Birdhouse

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Our popular Multiholk is available in a variety of designs. The Functionalist house is perhaps the one that stands out the most with its functionalist, minimalist design. Multiholk got its name because it can be used both as a nesting box in spring and a bird feeder in winter.

The Multiholk is developed with the birds in mind, but then again, the design is not everything. An important detail is that Multiholken has climbing notches on the inside so that the little chicks can get up to the exit when it is time to learn how to fly. When it comes to feeding, it is important that the feeder is designed so that the birds cannot sit in the food. A closed feeder like the Multiholk is preferable because it can be kept clean and free from disease.

Weight: 2.2lbs

Dimensions: 7.4" L x 7" W x 8.7" H

Quality: Made from solid woods from well-managed forests, environmentally friendly colors.

Capacity: 2

Assembly: Wall bracket and screws are supplied.

Fittings: Wall bracket and screws are supplied. Note: Pole is not included!

Packaging: Display carton with window.

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