1925 Watch

1925 Watch

Susan Skove -

Susan Skove - "Flat Crepe Green Floral" Silk Scarf 8x54

Dancheong Watch

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Like water, sun, and wind, time flows. As it flows, so do the memories we keep. Memories, like a riverbed, are always changing, and so is the dynamic face of this timepiece.

Hannah Sung a.k.a. meowyoface meshed this traditional style of Korea with what she knows the best: being not so traditional. Many time pieces represent the meaning of living in the present. This piece was inspired by memories of the past; full of scars but also filled with love. We all heal with time.

Weight: 0.5 lbs
Diameter: 40mm (1.57")
Height: 8.85mm (0.32")
Colors: Orange / Black / Teal / Gold
Material: Black IP Stainless Steel
Water-resistant: up to 5 ATM
Band Color: Black
Band Material: Leather
Band Size: 20mm
Hour: Green Dot
Minute: Orange Dot

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