Picasso Painting The Blue Period

Picasso Painting The Blue Period

Lipchitz: Un Mundo Sorprendido En El Espacio

Lipchitz: Un Mundo Sorprendido En El Espacio

Dali: Musica Surreal CD

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MUSICA SURREAL features a superb collection of dreamy and passionate music by Stravinsky, Bartók, Satie and other prominent composers from the Surrealist period. Also included is music from the Alfred Hitchcock thriller, Spellbound, whose famous surreal dream sequence was designed by Dali. This CD is the perfect backdrop to Dalí's surreal imagery. Running Time: 61:38

1. Miklos Rozsa
Spellbound: Concerto for Orchestra (9:38)

2. Igor Stravinsky
The Firebird Suite: Berceuse (4:30)

3. Béla Bartók
Dance Suite: Moderato (3:41)

4. Erik Satie
Gymnopedies (7:48)

5. Gustav Holst
The Planets: Saturn (9:23)

6. Joaquin Turina
Ka Oración Del Torero (6:50)

7. Darius Milhaud
La Muse Ménagére, Op.245
La Mienne; Le Réveil; Les Soins Du Ménage (3:22)

8. Paul Hindemith
Sonate, Op. 25, No. 3
Mäßig Schnell,Gemächlich (1:30)

9. Erik Satie
Parade (14:52)

10. Augustine Bassano
Pavan (3:38)
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