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Cyd Gottlieb - "Quick Draw Test 1" Mixed Media Drawing

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Cyd Gottlieb - "Quick Draw Test 2" Mixed Media Drawing

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Quick Draw Test 2
Wax pastel, watercolor, graphite, and ink on paper.
20" x 16"
Framed in maple hardwood with archival materials.

Cyd Gottlieb

Collectively, my artistry presents a visual language that considers varying aspects of an introspective healing process, navigating through layers of paint and compatible media to arrive at a cohesive course for the viewer, offering different entry-points for the eye. Through precise linework and rich bursts of color, I showcase a blend of patterned reactions through an assortment of twists and turns that merge with, and therefore shape, whatever situation comes next. Originally developed in tandem with my recovery from a serious spinal cord injury, my abstract style offers the idea of art as an outlet through which emotions may be processed and channeled in nonviolent ways. Once able to see my creative output hit a material surface, I can digest the various thoughts and sensations that occur within myself and better understand how a composition morphs into a finished artwork supported by a solidified state of mind.

Correspondingly, I look to translate my experiences into an approachable framework that exists within a shared state of growth, both in and out of the studio. Referencing identifiable abstract techniques, my work continues to function as a visible form of peer support that offers cathartic imagery and stimulates dialogue and integrated conversation. As a teaching tool, my forthcoming work will dive into book arts to retroactively strengthen an autobiographical narrative that brings abstraction into focus, delivers historical context, and bolsters active social practice. By asking people to contemplate my stylistic language, I hope that others acknowledge their own communicative approaches, participate in contemporary matters, and create their own transformative pathways forward, too.

Artist Biography:

Cyd Gottlieb is an artist and former museum-worker turned advocate, with a focus on experiential, visual, and interpretive programming. From a socially engaged standpoint, she has exhibited artifacts through the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, performed at the ICA/Boston, and contributed to cultural and architectural texts published by Harvard University Press. Recent exhibitions include group shows with Calico (NY), Wavelength Space (TN), River House Arts (OH), Akron Soul Train (OH), Stanley Arts Center (SC), and Peel Gallery (NC), plus a solo show with Gathered Glass (OH). In January 2023, Gottlieb traveled to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to focus on book arts as a Winter Residency fellow at Penland School of Craft. In November 2023, Cyd accepted an Emerging Artist award from the Burkholder Project in Lincoln, Nebraska to support her studio practice. Additionally, Cyd has received multiple grant awards from the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo, in conjunction with the Ohio Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts. A self-taught artist, she holds a BA in Hispanic Language and Literatures from Boston University. Locally, Gottlieb has designed and instructed expressive arts workshops as a visiting teaching artist for the Thomas M. Wernert Center, a mental health community center for adults in Northwest Ohio. Presently, she collaborates with Culture Clash Records in Toledo, Ohio.

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