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Glamour of the Gods Postcard Box

Charles Kanwischer Boxed Notes

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The Charles Kanwischer boxed notes contains 10 5x7 notecards (and envelopes) of 10 images featured in the Small Worlds exhibition: Woodland Avenue, Woodland Avenue II, Avondale Avenue and North Miller St, Eastern Avenue, Indiana Avenu', Woodruff Avenue, Belmont Avenue, North Miller St and Belmont Ave, Oliver St and Heston Street. All graphite on panel, courtesy of the artist © Charles Kanwischer.

In Small Worlds, five contemporary artists explore space and perspective via paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photographs.

Charles Kanwischer uses graphite pencil to create "portraits" of homes - and their interior and exterior spaces - that are in a state of quiet emptienss, even loneliness. For Small Worlds he premiers a new body of work featuring homes within a mile radius of the Toledo Museum of Art, rendered so meticulously that they resemble black-and-white photographs.

Kanwischer attended the University of Iowa and the Yale University School of Art. He now resides in Waterville, Ohio and is an associate professor of drawing at Bowling Green State University.
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