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Brian Donahue - "Heirloom Box" Jamaica Dogwood

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"Heirloom Box"
Jamaica Dogwood.
Approximately 6" Length x 4" Width x 3" Height.

Brian Donahue - Toledo Area Artist

Education & Personal

As of this writing I am 69, which makes over half a century since I began working with wood at the age of 12. Time flies when you are having fun. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio State University with a major in Social Sciences. I spent my working career as a sales representative for a major corporation. My wood creations have been both an avocation and a release from the pressure of the business world. I am self-taught relative to my art background and have been showing my work professionally since 1988. In 2006, I developed a back problem, and have since retired from art festivals. I now do special corporate or commissioned projects and sell a limited amount of work in a few galleries. In my retirement I have continued to explore new media and projects adding welding and some forging to my skill list. I have devoted time to doing sculptural work in metal and reclaimed materials. I am also doing furniture projects with some of my material collections. I do these mostly on commission and can provide references and photos of large work.


While my education and career were oriented toward business, I spent much time honing my craft. A basement/garage workshop that produced furniture, small toys, and gifts, and restored a wood boat eventually grew to a large studio and nearly full-time business supplying art shows and a small group of galleries. Most of my wood creations have centered on small boxes. I began with my first one in seventh grade and have probably done over a thousand since.

At the encouragement of my son I began working with a wood lathe in 1989, which gave me a new opportunity of expanding the simple box into the concept of vessels. While working to expand my technical skills, I have also tried to concentrate on artistic expression. I have spent thousands of hours working, reading, watching videos, and attending seminars to enhance my skills. I have studied at Arrowmont School and have had the opportunity to work personally with both David Ellsworth and John Jordan. During professional seminars I have had the opportunity to study and interact with some of the true masters in the field of woodturning and sculpture, including Michael Hosaluk, Jacque Vessery, Stony Lamar, Michelle Holzapfel, Arthur Jones, and other gifted artists. Mostly what I have done is spend a lot of time in front of my workbench in my studio.


500 Wood Bowls - Lark Books
400 Wood Boxes - Lark Books

Juried Exhibitions

The Toledo Museum of Art Toledo Area Artist Show (8 Times, and Award Winner)
Black Swamp Arts Festival (Multiple Awards)
Crosby Festival of the Arts (Award Winner)
Ohio Designer Craftsmen Best of Ohio (2 shows)
AAW International Conference Instant Gallery
Birmingham Festival
Charlevoix Waterfront Art Festival

Commissioned Projects

2007 - 2008 Masco Corporation, Merrilat Cabinet Division: "Shaping our Future" Award and Sculpture Project

About My Work

I harvest or reclaim all of the materials I use myself. I concentrate on rescuing unique pieces of wood, iron, rusted metal, shell, or stone for my work. I have spent many years cutting and collecting rare timbers from Northern Michigan to the Florida Keys, constantly in search of that rare piece of wood whose character will enhance my work. Hurricanes and other storms in the Florida Keys have supplied me with many unusual exotic tropical hard woods. I have rescued tons of logs which would otherwise have been burned.

For the last several years I have concentrated on developing my skills in metal work, learning to cut and weld all ranges of metal. I have accumulated a significant collection of reclaimed iron and steel artifacts, to use in my creations. My taste is always toward organic objects that show a lot of character that can only be achieved with age. Some of my most outstanding work has come from cast off materials from workshops, factories, farms, barns: anywhere I can find the perfect piece of imperfect material.

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