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The Brilliance of Caravaggio: Four Paintings in Focus Catalog

The Brilliance of Caravaggio: Four Paintings in Focus Catalog

Beth Lipman: ReGift Catalog

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Beth Lipman: ReGift shares some of the unwritten histories that artist Beth Lipman discovered while conducting research in the archives of the Toledo Museum of Art. Her exploration inspired a room-sized recreation in wood, glass, and metal of a scene from a bookplate used by the museum's founders, Edward Drummond Libbey and Florence Scott Libbey. Lipman was particularly keen to examine Florence's life, and in conversation with curator Diane C. Wright and archivist Julie A. McMaster, she discusses the project's origins in her own artistic practice and its relationship to shifting understandings of institutions and their publics. An essay by Wright and McMaster draws on additional archival materials to fill in some of the gaps in our knowledge of Florence Scott Libbey's life.

Published in conjunction with the exhibition Beth Lipman: ReGift, exclusively at the Toledo Museum of Art, August 12, 2023-September 1, 2024.

Written by Diane C. Wright, Senior Curator of Glass and Contemporary Craft, Toledo Museum of Art; featuring a conversation with Beth Lipman and contributions by Julie A. McMaster, Archivist, Toledo Museum of Art.

Softcover, 9 1/4" x 6 3/4".

Published by the Toledo Museum of Art. © 2023 Toledo Museum of Art

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