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Art of the Cocktail

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Do you love art? Do you like cocktails? Then this book is perfect for you.

Artists have long been known to enjoy the nightlife, from Toulouse-Lautrec, who famously carried a draft of absinthe in a hollowed-out walking stick, to Andy Warhol, who revelled at Studio 54. This book captures the artistic spirit in spirits with recipes for 50 artthemed
drinks, including the:

· Dalí Wallbanger
· Klein Blue Moon
· Whamm! Bamm! Pow!
· Picasso Sour
· Frida Kahlúa
· René Margarita
· and the Hirst-inspired Shark Bite

Original, colourful and bright illustrations accompany classic cocktails and modern concotions, each tied to a particular artist's story
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