Baby Toothbrush -  Dinosaurs

Baby Toothbrush - Dinosaurs

Aden Hooded Baby Towel - Light Blue

Aden Hooded Baby Towel - Light Blue

Aden Hooded Baby Towel - Blush

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This item is handmade from natural materials and supports global artisans.

This extra-special children's hooded towel is made from the very softest pure Ethiopian cotton. Each thread is hand-spun with love to create a subtle texture that is velvety soft yet lightweight and absorbent.

Each towel is ethically handwoven by talented artisans in Ethiopia. All of our baby products have been tested to ensure they meet the highest levels of CPSC compliance.

Material: Hand-spun Cotton
Dimensions: 31.5 x 31.5 inches
Origin: Ethiopia
Time to Make: 6.5 hours
Care Instructions: Machine wash and tumble dry.

Ethiopia's bustling capital, Addis Ababa, is a vibrant city where ancient meets modern. Ultra-contemporary skyscrapers are springing up across it's skyline, but, in most homes, traditional ceremonies and handcrafted items still feature prominently in everyday life. With a median age of just 19.5, many worry about the future of Ethiopia's craft heritage as young adults are drawn more to offices and modern factories. Thankfully, a close-knit team in one of Addis Ababa's quieter suburbs is proving that traditional craft techniques are still relevant - and coveted - in today's modern world. Since 2006, a small group of weavers has expanded to over 185 artisans crafting absolutely exquisite textiles using only locally sourced natural fibers on the same looms passed down through generations. With every visit to this special place, we're welcomed like family and forever impressed by the skill and speed of these truly master craftsmen and women.

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