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Elio Quarisa - Venetian Goblets

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Beth Lipman - "ReGift Front Matter" Glass Sculpture

200 Years of Glass: A History of Libbey Glass

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Libbey Inc., which traces its roots back to 1818, has called Toledo home for more than 130 years. Ever since Edward Drummond Libbey moved the company to Toledo in 1888, Libbey Glass has been a pioneer of innovation and design in the glass industry.

Designers and craftsmen helped establish the Libbey name around the globe. From the intricate cut glass of Louis Vaupel to the breathtaking designs of Arthur Douglas Nash, exquisite Libbey glass was sold in jewelry and high end show rooms across the country. The later designs of Edwin Fuerst and Freda Diamond brought stunning designs to the masses and made Libbey glassware a household name.

With the help of key individuals such as Michael Owens, the company led the way with new and innovative manufacturing processes. Machines such as the Owens Bottle Machine, the Westlake Machine (light bulbs), the Kadow Machine (tumblers), the Danner Machine (glass tubing), and the Colburn Machine (flat glass), all helped automate the production of a wide variety of glass products around the globe.

With the help of more than 100 photos, 200 Years of Glass: A History of Libbey Glass tells the story of this iconic Toledo business and its first 200 years.
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